Born in Ellicott City, MD. I ventured west to Olympia, WA in 1978 to attend The Evergreen State College. I moved to Seattle in 1980 where I studied Fine Art and Design at The Cornish Institute.


   The mixed-media mosaics and assemblage I create are primarily, abstract designs. Found items such as weathered metal washers and scraps are integrated in my work, and recycled materials too: wood, china tile shards, beads, junk jewelry, etc. Discarded items with an unknown history intrigue me. The inclusion of “unwanted” items is a metaphor, a way of embodying the mystery of life. Regeneration and transformation are strong proponents in my art. There is a familiar link between mosaics and my childhood days of putting puzzles together. Shape recognition facilitates the mosaic process. Primarily I create abstract designs.